Solar Eclipse of the Heart

Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend! Before I get started I would like to ask for your help. Not for me but for a very close and dear family member who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. I wont get into all the details for they are on the following link but please, if you can afford to help we would greatly appreciate it. If not, definitely would appreciate your prayers as she goes through this very difficult trial… is the link. Thank you!!

So in case you haven’t heard we are having a bit of an event on Monday. For only the second time in my lifetime that I can remember, we have a very visible full solar eclipse. I am sure it will be a beautiful sight and one that will be remembered. But for me it has a deeper meaning that I think in this time of constant fighting and hate being spread around we can hold onto. Folks, we are not the center of the Universe! There is a Creation out there that is so much bigger and more important than us, we need to understand this as we witness this great event.

So many times, including myself, we feel as if the world really does revolve around us. That our needs and our wants come before everything and anything. We currently have a whole generation filled with people that encapsulate the theory that says “do whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good”. There seems to be no bar that applies to this for every day it keeps getting lowered. Guess what, we are so wrong…..

Much of this stems from the fact that even though there are 7 billion of us on the planet and have technology that can connect every single one of us by the clicking of a button, we feel more alone than ever. This feeling of loneliness has caused us to place ourselves at the center of the Universe thinking that we and we alone are what the sun revolves around. This event on Monday should show us differently. We are not the center of the Universe and we are definitely not alone. We may feel that way but our Enemy has a way of distorting our feelings into a false reality. He couldn’t be more wrong….

So as we very carefully look and witness this majestic event in a couple of days remember these few things..

  1. You are not alone!
  2. This event you are looking at was not created from pond scum by chance.
  3. We have been given such a beautiful gift in this planet, maybe we should treasure it just a bit more.
  4. The One that created what you are witnessing also created you and loves you more than you can imagine.
  5. Remember that no matter what you are going through, just as the moon passes in front of the sun, so will these trials you are going though. And on the other side, the Light will be brighter than ever!

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Peace and Love,


Which Way?

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!! You are probably wondering why I have 2 Star Wars pictures up and writing in between them..I’m glad you asked! I did this because like our heroes from Star Wars, they had a choice; a choice to follow the Dark Side or follow the Light. My choice is not as drastic because I always choose the Light, however, I do have a choice and maybe you all can relate….

See, when I was younger I always kept my opinions to myself. I feel no one cared and I probably didn’t have anything interesting to say anyways. As I got older though and got closer to God, I felt this tugging to say more what was on my heart and mind. Today, however, it always seems to backfire. I am either misunderstood or cause some sort of conflict in the process. (And for the record this is about no one in particular but a more general consensus.) Especially lately I can’t say anything without something going wrong. So, as with all things we should look to the Scriptures for direction, specifically to Jesus Himself.

In Jesus’ time on Earth, He expressed Himself in many different fashions from throwing tables around in anger to basically chewing out the Pharisees to wide expressions of love and finally silence all together. There are some pretty big clues here and unfortunately for me this is going to take some work. I always thought I could just be ONE way in all fashions but as Jesus showed us, there is a time and place for everything. There is a time to be loving in speech, there is a time to be angry in speech, there is a time to be loving in speech, and the hardest one of all there is a time to be silent. In this age we live in that is a tough one for me but just think about it; think about the last few hours and moments of Jesus’ life. We remember much of what He said throughout His ministry but I would argue that the most impactful moments came when He fell silent or said little at all. Sometimes I guess we just have to let the world be the world and let its evil expose itself; it really doesn’t need our help…

We should be vocal about our beliefs, our passions, and what is right; however, maybe taking a lesson from the King of Kings isn’t such a bad idea. If He can be silent while getting tormented and going through suffering that we can’t even imagine, maybe we should sometimes take that same position. Evil will expose itself just fine on its own, its up to us to show love and sometimes that means not saying much at all….

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Interesting Question

Good afternoon everyone! To spur on some interaction and kind of see where some of you are at I offer you this question;

If you could change one thing about your faith or the Church in general, what would it be? You can comment publicly or message me privately but would love to hear your thoughts.



Can You Be a Christian and Not Go To Church?

I have been saying this forever. My blog partner here says it very well. 🙂


People are leaving the church, millennials are leaving the church. That’s a reality we need to face. Many in my generation have left the church for a variety of reasons. Some good, some bad. Regardless the religious landscape is changing in America.

America’s Changing Religious Landscape | PEW Research

There are many that have left the church and the Christianity. I’ve written on this before and probably will again (6 Reasons Why Millennials Aren’t Attracted to the Church), but that’s not what I want to focus on in this article. What I want to focus on is those that have left the church but NOT left Christianity. Because I think there is something important we need to grasp.

I know what some of you are thinking. A Christian should never leave the church. But I want to push back on that notion. Before you call me a heretic…

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Quick Entry

Good morning friends and welcome to all the new followers and those that have been with me from the start. Just a quick message this morning to keep in mind what our friend Toby Mac says here; we don’t always have to participate in an argument. Sometimes it takes more strength to just walk away….

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Peace and Love,


Ever Wonder Why?

Good morning everyone!If you are reading this then you made it through Monday, congrats! See, Monday’s aren’t that bad are they? (Pointing myself to corner in shame…) Seriously though, we made it and Friday is just a couple of days away. Actually there really is no difference between the days, we just like to give an excuse why we hate going to work so much lol. Anyways, here we go.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to, in my view, lift the veil of deception out there that the 21st Century Church and others have brought to the table. Deception that has turned our following of Christ into a man-made religion that the Pharisees of old would be very proud of. One of these such deceptions is going on as we speak; more specifically the events that took place this past weekend. I don’t know all of the details because quite honestly I keep a far distance from the news outlets since they clearly have their own agenda. I know enough, however, to speak intelligently about it and to give you this fresh perspective….

See everyone wants this to be about race, President Trump, white supremacist groups, nazis, etc. Or we want this to be about the “left” and how they take distort everything to counter. Well, it really isn’t folks; it may be under the guise of these descriptions but it is something much simplier and more evil than you think. Good vs. Evil. That is it, that is all, don’t forget to tip your waitress, have a great night. You might be like “what?”, it can’t be that simple! (It really is….) You can package it however you like but ALL of this comes down to Good vs. Evil, God vs. Satan, Jesus vs. Lucifer, call it what you will but its good vs evil. 

See we have pushed God and His Son out of our lives, our government, our schools, and our homes. WHAT THE HECK DID YOU EXPECT WOULD HAPPEN? Did you think that all would be rosy because you put this person or that person in the White House? Did your 8 years of democratic rule make things better? Has electing Trump made it all better? No and it hasn’t because we as a HUMAN race, are ignoring the true problem. We have asked God to get lost and folks situations like this past weekend will happen as a result. The old saying is true; you never know what you had until its gone…..

Lucifer has tricked you my friends; he has tricked you into thinking you don’t need God. That somehow we would all live more peacefully if we removed God from the equation. Well, I ask you, HAS IT?? You have been fooled and going to your buildings once a week and lifting your hands is not the answer, we need to TRULY repent! (Turn away). We need to turn from these lifestyles and paths in our lives that only evil can provide and turn to the One True God that can restore and make all things new. Want racism to go away? Put God first. It’s not a skin thing, its a SOUL thing. End of story folks; as always the choice is up to you. Keep living in the Lie or take off the veil and ask God to take over, truly take over. Then and only then can Love really exist among us…

Peace and Love,